Seth B. Taube Speaks About the Benefits of Non-Fiction Reading 

A method of self-improvement most people overlook is reading non-fiction books. The benefits of reading more non-fiction books might surprise and inspire you. Seth B. Taube is a successful entrepreneur, as well as an avid reader. He is interested in various subjects, including climate change, philosophy, and history. Today, he reveals the top 6 benefits of reading more.

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Self-Taught Success Stories

The best example of someone who is a major success thanks to being self-taught is Elon Musk. Seth Taube notes that Musk had a physics background. However, he doesn’t have an aerospace degree.

Musk states that he “read a lot of books and talked to a lot of smart people.” He went on to create the electric car company Tesla and launch the aerospace company Space X.

Self Knowledge

Non-fiction books can help you better understand yourself. You may choose to read a biography and find aspects of yourself in the protagonist. You may also choose to read self-help books to further your understanding of your strengths and weaknesses.

Life Lessons

Seth Taube states that non-fiction, particularly biographies and autobiographies, can teach you valuable life lessons. You can learn these lessons without having to go through the trial yourself.

Learning from someone else’s mistakes is one of the best strategies for a successful and happy life.

Gain Hope

Non-fiction books can also provide hope. Perhaps you are reading a biography about how someone triumphed after surviving tough times.

Perhaps you are reading a book about improving yourself or your life.

In either case, non-fiction books can give you hope in your tough times. Seeing that other people have overcome adversity and having a roadmap for how to do so gives you something to hold onto.


According to Seth Taube, learning new things has a host of benefits. It makes you a more interesting person. It gives you something to talk about when you meet someone new, and can help you make a great first impression.

Learning can also equip you with practical knowledge that can help you in your life or career. Books on every subject are easily accessible today. Let these books be your teacher.

Exercise Your Brain

Reading any type of book is an excellent way to exercise your brain. Readers have measurable changes in their brains that can be seen on MRI scans.

Activity increases in some areas of the brain as excitement builds in a novel. Brain activity increases not only when reading but for a few days afterward. The activity is particularly increased in the area of the brain responsible for physical sensations, like movement.

About Seth

Seth Taube is a successful entrepreneur. His latest venture is Progressive Therapeutics. The company focuses on providing innovative mental health services to women, with the goal of expanding to other services in the future.

Progressive Therapeutics Inc. is the sister company of Ketamine Research Foundation. Both organizations are devoted to novel mental health treatments.

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