What are recruitment videos?


Recruitment videos are a great way to attract new talent to your organisation. A good recruitment video tells a compelling story about the company and its culture while showing potential employees what it’s like to work there. The best recruitment videos help you stand out from other companies because they’re more interesting, memorable, and engaging than other types of HR marketing materials.

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There is a wide variety of recruitment videos.

There are various recruitment video types, including the Employer Branding, Employment Ad, and Internal Recruitment videos. Recruitment videos are also known as “career videos” or “employer branding videos.”

These types of recruitment videos can be beneficial to your business in many ways. For example:

  • They help you attract potential employees to your company’s open positions by showcasing your company’s culture and making it seem like a good place to work through stories and testimonials from past employees.
  • They provide a glimpse into working at that organisation so prospective employees can better understand what they will be doing once hired.

All recruitment videos want to reflect your brand and culture in some way.

All recruitment videos want to reflect your brand and culture in some way. This means you want to show your company’s culture, values, mission, vision, goals, and achievements.

Let’s start with the first two: culture and values. Your culture is about how people behave at work; it defines how things are done around here. Think of it like an unwritten set of rules or guidelines for how team members interact with each other—and with customers or clients if they’re involved in customer service roles. The word “values” refers to what drives a business—what motivates employees and makes them feel like they’re part of something bigger than themselves?

When it comes time to make a video that reflects these things (and more), there are plenty of ways you can do so without spending too much money on fancy equipment or hiring an expensive videographer who’ll charge you an arm & leg for footage that might end up looking nothing like what you had planned anyway!

Recruitment videos should reflect what working at your company is really like.

In order to get the most out of doing a recruitment video, you need to show what working at your company is really like. If a candidate is considering several offers and wants some insight into each one, they can’t watch just one video or read about it on your website; they need to see as many perspectives as possible. That’s where recruitment videos come in.

Recruitment videos give candidates an inside look into what life is like with your company. You can show them all of the benefits of working there and how much fun their colleagues have (or don’t have). You can also show them how big or small your operation is (if it matters), whether or not there are any perks or benefits associated with being an employee at this particular company (like free lunches or flexible hours), and who exactly does what within the organisation itself so that candidates know which specific position would be right for them and if they would mesh well with those working there now—not just anyone who applies!


Recruitment videos allow you to present yourself more professionally. They let people better understand who you are and what your company is like.

This can help you stand out from other companies that may be hiring as well. If someone sees one of your videos, they’ll remember it when they’re looking for jobs or thinking about where they’d like to work one day. On top of that, recruitment videos are usually short enough that anyone can watch them—even if they have busy schedules—so this is another good way to ensure that people see your message.

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