Best Neighborhoods to Check Out in Vancouver

To get a better understanding of a city as vast as Vancouver, it’s better to look at each neighborhood on it’s own, instead of seeing the city as a whole. This is the way each city should be looked at because each neighborhood can absolutely feel like it contains a different culture compared to somewhere in the same city. There is no city in which this rings more true than Vancouver itself. 

From newcomers looking to rent and longtime residents finally ready looking to purchase a home to those simply visiting for a couple of days, here’s some of the best neighborhoods to get to know, whether you’ll be there for a lifetime or just stopping by. 


This neighborhood is as old as Canada itself but don’t feel like everything in Gastown is old news. Even after all these years, there’s still plenty to do and see all in Gastown. If you are in the camp that’s only visiting, do make sure this neighborhood is part of your visit. Given you’re stopping by during the day, make sure to take in every inch of Gastown’s historical charm.

If you’ll be there in the evening, you’ll find some of the city’s best bars and restaurants. Regardless of the time of day, do stop and see the Gassy Jack statue and try to learn about who who the neighborhood is named after.   


For those looking to still have all the benefits of the downtown nearby, with things being a little more quiet in the day-to-day, a neighbor like Bennington might be the perfect place to start looking at Homes For Sale in Vancouver. If now is the right time to start settling down, you’ll be able to learn Bennington holds a lower crime rate than many other neighborhoods and is known for its exceptional public schools.

Here you’ll be able to have home options such as condos, single family homes, and apartments so whatever seems best for your family is very likely to be an option here. Just because you’ll be living a quieter life than you might be used to downtown, don’t feel like there’ll be nothing for you and your family to experience nearby. From shopping to parks and an Observatory, there’s plenty to do all while staying in the Bennington neighborhood. 

Northwest Vancouver

For those looking to keep both the city and nature equally nearby, Northwest Vancouver might be the perfect place to either rent, purchase or simply visit. It’s another wonderfully safe neighborhood but residents love the area thanks to how close it is to Vancouver Lake and the  Burnt Bridge Creek Greenway, which is the 8-mile trail that runs across the lake.

For some, the outdoors means a family picnic, for others it means as many rounds of golf as possible. If either, or both, of those camps seem like you, Northwest Vancouver is the perfect place to have all the nature you need alongside the city you’ve come to know and love.

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