You have three choices today: Internet, Mass Merchandisers, Independent Sewing Machine Dealers. Internet purchases may offer good pricing, but you may sacrifice more than expected. Internet sales send you a box, provide no classes, provide no service, and provide no support. Only outdated, voided models and models that do not sell well through more traditional means are usually sold over the internet. For those few that provide services, you must cover shipping every time.

Often the manufacturer’s warranties are voided if sold over the internet. To get the best quality sewing machines you will have to look elsewhere. Half of the value of a sewing machine is the support you receive with the purchase. If you just get a box, you just get a box. Buying a sewing machine is very different from most purchases.

You will need instruction, repair services, technical support, and more that do not come in a box. Mass Merchandisers generally offer only the cheapest low end often disposable machines. They offer no support, no local repair services, and no classes to learn how to use the machine. Independent Sewing Machine Dealers generally offer a wide selection of quality sewing machines plus a whole set of added benefits: classes, expert help, repair services, technical support, and access to accessories and supplies.

In the opinion of the authors, it is best to purchase a sewing machine from a reputable dealer that provides help, classes, 87 clubs, technical support, and quality repair services. Unless you are a sewing machine expert, it is always advisable to buy from someone who is, and who is going to be at you side for many years.

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Indeed, half the value of a new sewing machine may be in the support you receive when and after you buy. Remember, the most expensive sewing machine is always the one in the closet no matter how much it cost. If you fall in love with your machine, find it easy and exciting to use, and have the support you need when you need it; you will sew more and enjoy it more.

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