What’s causing your headache?

One of the most prevalent conditions is headaches. Almost everyone gets them at some point in their lives. It is often we hear from someone or the other that they have a headache.

It’s explained as constant pain in your head and sometimes on your face and your neck too. It can range from mild to extreme. The cure for which is present in both home remedies as well as medicine such as Panadol.

However, something else that comes with a headache is the curiosity to know why it appeared. There could be several reasons as to why a headache might arise.

Hence, we have listed for you a few of them:


One of the most common reasons why headaches can be triggered is due to dehydration. This is why it is imperative to keep yourself hydrated and drink lots of water and other fluids alongside eating healthy food, such as fruits and vegetables.

Alcohol can also lead to headaches because it hits your kidneys, making you urinate more of the liquid you have had and leaving lower amounts of fluid within your body. This paves the pathway for dehydration, and hence it is vital not to take alcohol in excessive amounts.


If you are hungry for an extended period of time, your sugar levels drop. hence, your body starts to release hormones that indicate you are hungry. This can cause your blood vessels to narrow and result in a headache.

Leaving caffeine

Although we use caffeine such as coffee or tea as a means of keeping us awake, it can also have its consequences. The dependence on caffeine becomes difficult to function without. Hence, as a consequence, if you leave, it can be a triggering factor for a headache.

This is because caffeine contracts the blood vessels around your brain, and this causes them to grow in size. The blood flow rises and squeezes the nerves around the brain. Hence this becomes a part of the withdrawal symptom of leaving caffeine till your body becomes independent of it.

Lacking sleep

According to studies conducted on the correlation of lack of sleep to headaches, it is shown that when you sleep less, the making of proteins in your body rises. This can increase the chances of headaches and the severity of headaches as well. Hence it is recommended to get at least 8 hours of sleep at night.


Taking stress can trigger headaches as well as many other severe complications within your body.

The connection of stress to headaches is that the body gives out specific chemicals that result in changes in your physical self like your blood vessels are impacted. As a consequence, headaches can occur. Therefore, it is crucial to manage your stress and try to stay calm.

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