What strategy should be adopted to score 170+ in Maths in SSC CGL Tier 2?

Dear SSC CGL aspirants, if you are preparing for the SSC CGL tier 2, then we have got your back. Do not need to worry and keep reading the tips and tricks by following which you can obtain the 170+ score in SSC CGL Tier – 2 Maths exam of Staff Selection Commission.

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The maths syllabus of SSC CGL Tier 2

∙         Simplification

∙         Interest

∙         Averages

∙         Percentage

∙         Ratio and portion

∙         Speed, distance, and Time

∙         Number System

∙         Mensuration

∙         Data Interpretation

∙         Time and Work

∙         Algebra

∙         Trigonometry

∙         Geometry

∙         Data sufficiency

Time and marks

The time of the entire Maths section is 120 minutes i.e. 2 hours. The section comprises 100 questions.

You can answer the 100 questions in three rounds. Separate these three types of questions after reading the question paper.

Round 1-  Mark the questions that you know how to solve; questions that seem familiar to you. Keep 60-70 minutes for this section and answer 60-70 questions at this time.

Round 2- These should be the more doable questions that you know you can surely do. It must take 15-20 minutes. You can answer 15 questions in these 20 minutes.

Round 3- this section is for hard questions. You should keep 20 minutes for this section as well where you can answer around 15 questions that have more calculations or seem hard to solve.

You can try these methods in the mock tests at home.

Tips and Tricks

∙         To make it even easier, you can try one more thing. Pick a certain number of mock tests and attempt them for only 60-70 minutes. Not more than that. For obvious reasons, when you have 70 minutes instead of 120 minutes, you will try answering the easiest questions mentioned in round 1.

∙         It will let you understand your weak points whether you can leave the questions on the time when you should or not.

∙         From the first 10 mock tests, you would understand what areas you need to put effort into. After that, try the new set of mock tests with your internal problems being resolved.

∙         In a week or two, you will start seeing effective results.

∙         Do not think of the 2 hours as a whole. Divide the 2 hours into two parts. Try attempting the easy 60-70% in the first hour along with reading all the questions in the first hour.

∙         Trying the last 2-3 years of question paper is a must.

Most time-consuming things in the exam hall-

∙         How to solve the problem

∙         Calculation of the problems

However, you can reduce the time by revising everything on a daily basis. You will be amazed to know that people spend more time thinking about how to solve it rather than actually solving it. You can get rid of it by this-

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∙         Whenever you are trying a new topic, make a copy where you will be only putting the formulas of the topic.

∙         Revise all the formulas of the entire subject every day or every alternate day. It will not take more than 1 hour.

∙         It will help you understand the solving process faster than ever.

∙         Keep implanting these improvements and new concepts in your next SSC CGL mock tests at BYJU’s Exam Prep and you will start seeing the result.

∙         Try the last year’s question papers.

∙         Always target to attempt 100% while you are preparing. Nothing less than that.

Now you know all the tips and tricks to prepare. One last tip, when you start the journey, always go from easy chapters to moderate to difficult ones. Do not try to jumpstart from the difficult chapters.

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