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Businesses defraud and break the law almost every other day, violating customers’ rights. A customer is protected by consumer law while purchasing a product or service against concerns such as fraud or wrongful selling, among other things. Make an appointment with a consumer attorney Chicago today to protect your rights if you have witnessed deceit lately.

 Consumer protection refers to a collection of regulations that shield individual customers against deceptive or unfair business practices while purchasing products, services, or digital information. Consumer markets must adhere to the rules and restrictions established by this directive. This professional area includes defending organizations against challenges like copyright infringement or intellectual property rights infringement.

What does a consumer protection attorney do?

Consumer law is broad in scope, and consumer attorneys deal with a wide range of concerns, including:

  • Providing consumer credit advice
  • Creating credit agreements.
  • Representing clients in court actions.
  • Making comments at hearings before authorities such as the Office of Fair Trading, among other things (OFT).
  • The practice of trading standards law involves representing people, organizations, and government agencies in a wide variety of trading standards concerns, such as deceptive pricing, underage sales, trademark infringement, and trademark dilution. Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988 and the Enterprise Acts 2002 are examples of statutes under which prosecutions may be instituted.
  • Provide consumer contract advice to ensure that employers comply with the appropriate Acts concerning standard terms and conditions, or conversely, aid consumers subjected to unfair terms of an agreement.
  • When it comes to product safety and responsibility, interacting with designers, producers, importers, retailers, and consumers in various industries such as cosmetics, food, drinks, and medicines is something that attorneys handle.

The most common consumer disputes are listed below – 

  • Being duped into purchasing substandard electrical products
  • Non-delivery of products purchased online New motor vehicles that are not in excellent working order
  • Insurance claims or coverage are the subjects of a disagreement.
  • Work of high quality from a craftsman (plumbers, electricians, builders)
  • Furniture that is of poor quality or that does not match the description
  • Warranty issues involving products or services
  • Refund issues with flights, hotels, and tour companies are common.

Consumers have statutory rights under the Consumer Rights Act, which means that any things they purchase must be suitable for their purpose, of adequate quality. They correspond to the description provided when the item is sold. Your rights as a customer should not be overlooked. Make sure that they are well-guarded. 

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