What are your rights as a construction worker? Seattle

An on-the-job injury may be catastrophic if you work in the construction industry. Not only may you be out of work for a lengthy period, but you could also be accruing medical costs that are well beyond your means to pay. Furthermore, construction workers classed as employees (who are usually covered by workers’ compensation) and independent contractors (who are generally not covered) can both make personal injury claims if someone else caused the injuries on the job. A construction site accident attorney can guide you too. In this blog, you will read about factors which you should be aware of if you are a construction worker.

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Workers’ compensation: Workers’ compensation covers employees injured on the job. Workers’ compensation offers coverage for injuries that occur on the job. In Seattle, construction businesses are generally obliged to usually use compensation insurance to protect their employees. If an employee gets injured, they are entitled to benefits regardless of whether or not the employer’s negligence caused the accident.

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Personal Injury Claims: For construction site injuries, personal injury claims can provide full compensation. Unlike workers’ compensation payments, the damages payable in a personal injury lawsuit can cover all of the financial and non-financial costs of a job-related accident. Unlike workers’ compensation claims, personal injury claims require proof of fault (or “negligence”). You’ll need evidence of guilt to submit a personal injury claim, which means you should engage a lawyer to undertake an investigation as soon as feasible.

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Personal Injury Claims and Workers’ Compensation Claims: If your boss pays you as an employee, you may be entitled to make a workers’ compensation claim as well as a claim for personal injury damages. If you file a successful personal injury claim, you may have to reimburse your workers’ compensation funds. Applying a personal injury claim, on the other hand, will merely enhance your overall payout, while filing for workers’ compensation will earn you money sooner than waiting for a personal injury settlement.

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Many forms of construction site accidents occur due to someone else’s irresponsibility, from falls to injuries. 

If you get hurt on construction sites, you should contact a lawyer specializing in both claims. Seattle’s workers’ compensation system is unique, and some lawyers specialize in assisting injured employees in obtaining workers’ compensation payments. On the other hand, some lawyers specialize in personal injuries and lack a complete grasp of the rules and processes that govern workers’ compensation claims. Be careful and take care.

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