Understanding Dry Herb Vaporization

Vaporization is the method of using hot air to gently heat dry herbs so that the active ingredients are released. These are then boiled/heated and inhaled as a vapour. There are two types of heat, conduction and convection but nowadays most vaporizers use convection heat after using a herb grinder to grind down the herb. Convection heat is separate from the heater and downstream in the path of the vapour so you get a more even heat and many believe it to be more effective than conductive heat too. Here is a closer look at the process.

Using convection heat

When the air is heated it is moved through with a fan or drawn through the herb with a manual whip-style unit. You can have either digital or analogue controllers and the temperature of the heat is very precisely controlled but you can also vary the temperature with the draw speed you use or draw strength you use if the vaporizer is in manual mode. That is down to personal preference, different users choose different options. Some people like the control of temperature to release which active ingredients they want. Different temperatures will release different amounts of the active ingredients having an impact on the experience and the taste. Others prefer one temperature and then changing the draw.

The difference between vaporizers and smoking

When it comes to enjoying dry herb vaporizers are one of the healthier ways to release the active ingredients and enjoy the effects. More experts are suggesting you use a dry herb vaporizer rather than burning the herbs and smoking them. There are a number of studies done around the world that show how effective vaporizers are and that they reduce the risks you get with combustion or smoking. When burning is used there are other things that happen, carbon monoxide, taw and other unwanted compounds. With a vaporizer they are just converting the compounds you want, into a vapour without actually burning. This means as well as being healthier it tastes better too.

In one study examining vaporizer versus combustion, it was found that as well as removing all the unwanted carcinogens and toxins from the process, using a herb grinder with a vaporizer actually uses 60% less of the herb to get the same effect than smoking it. You basically need less to get the same effect. While both use heat to get the active ingredients in the dry herb released, the temperature and the by-products change the results. With combustion temperatures are around 800 to 900C. As well as this releasing harmful byproducts it also changes the active ingredients somewhat. In vaporization the heat stays under 230C and by-products are reduced or not there, and the active compounds are not changed.

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When you use a dry herb vaporizer you get better results. The experience is smoother and tastes better, you can inhale deeper and for longer and you are not taking in any other unwanted products. You get the kind of hit you want on less herb too. This is why more people are seeing how using a vaporizer can be more effective and healthier.

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