Truck accident claims are complex: Here’s an overview

As someone who regularly drives on the busy roads of Houston, you probably adhere to all safety norms. Unfortunately, accidents do happen when we expect the least, and the consequences can be dangerous when there is a bigger vehicle involved. Because of the size, trucks can cause unparalleled damage to smaller cars, and if you were injured in such a mishap, you must speak to an attorney without delay to get info on filing a claim. In general, truck accident claims are complex, and in this post, we look at relevant factors.

Many parties could be responsible for the same crash

Yes, you read that right. Besides the truck driver, who may seem like the obvious culprit, other parties could be responsible for a truck accident. From the company that owns the truck to the cargo loading service and vehicle/part manufacturer, the list is enormous. In other words, investigating such accidents is not easy. Time is also a valid factor because if you don’t act swiftly, you may not find the same evidence at the scene.

You have a deadline

As with all auto accidents, there is a deadline for truck accident claims in Texas. As per the statute of limitations, you need to file a lawsuit against the at-fault party(s) within two years from the accident date. If someone died in the mishap, the eligible family members could file a wrongful death lawsuit, for which the time cap is two years. While two years may seem long, you must realize that the process of recovering a settlement starts with an insurance claim, which can take considerable time.

Your fault is a big factor

If you were speeding or distracted when the truck rammed into your car, your fault share would determine the outcome to a large extent. Texas is a modified comparative fault state; therefore, if you are more than 50% accountable for an accident, you don’t have the right to sue the other driver or at-fault party in a truck accident. Not to forget, your final compensation, if you win, will be reduced as per the fault fraction.

Get a lawyer

Hiring an attorney is probably the best way to protect your interests after a truck accident. You are up against big trucking companies that won’t play fair, and it is best to expect the least from insurance companies. Don’t settle your claim before you meet a lawyer and discuss every detail.

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