The stories behind cross-cultural fashion trends

We’re always looking for our next favorite fashion trend as our wardrobe preferences change with the seasons. Do we ever think about where these blooming fashion statements originated while scrambling to wear the current trends ? Some things have become part of the routine for us at this point. What we forget, though, is that every creation has a backstory.

Here are some interesting historical facts on cross-cultural fashion trends that are probably already in your closet, maybe even items you use regularly! 

  • Kimonos

For its charming everyday casual appearance, the Western “kimono” has grown quite popular. The flowery printed, daintily thin, and wide-sleeved cardigans known as the new “kimonos” now adorn the racks of popular department shops and malls. On the other hand, authentic kimonos made in Japan were symbols of Japanese class dynamics. They were also a way to keep the Japanese tradition alive after the West invaded Japan. Traditional kimonos, with their delicate sleeves, silky materials, and stitched floral embellishments, are considered one of the most attractive pieces of cultural wear. The kimono’s elegant characteristics inspired western designers to create the kimono cardigan we all know and love.

  • Blue Jeans

Blue jeans are practically everyone’s closet staple, and they seem to be as American as apple pie. The name “jeans” and the materials used to construct the first pair of jeans, on the other hand, were both invented in Europe. Following Italians’ creation of jeans material, it was stained with indigo to get the iconic blue denim look. The word “denim” comes from the French term “de Nîmes,” which refers to Nîmes, France, where they sought to replicate the jeans fabric. Many people thought denim was purely a French innovation because of its French moniker. Blue jeans were commonly worn by working men on the Western frontier, giving the garment a problematic aspect. Blue jeans are now a must-have for everyone worldwide, making them one of the most popular clothing items.

  • Corsets 

Corsets, which are known for providing ladies the ideal “hourglass” figure, have gained recent significance due to their hourglass silhouette. Corsets are torso-stretching garments with back/front laces that allow you to modify your body to the corset’s desired shape.

Fashion has developed and gone back in time throughout history. It has had many ups and downs, as well as several appropriation and appreciation disputes. Follow these trendy styles and rock on.

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