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The Rise of Omnichannel Marketing

Imagine a scenario in which a customer learns about a product from TV ads. The customer then visits a nearby store to try to experience the product. After examining the product as well as other competing products and consulting with a store attendant, the customer finally decides that the product is the best. The customer then searches for the same product online and buys it there for a better price. Imagine another scenario in which a customer learns about a product from online banner ads.Read more about Tamilmv

The customer then searches for more information about the product on social media with a smartphone. A social media post leads the customer to a product comparison website, which the customer quickly browses through. The customer then decides that the product is the best in the market, looks for the nearest store that carries the brand, and finally goes there to buy it. The former scenario is called “showrooming” and the latter “webrooming.” Both are common purchase scenarios in the digital era. Customers have become increasingly mobile and channel-agnostic.

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They constantly move from one channel to another—from online to offline and vice versa—and expect a seamless and consistent experience without a noticeable disconnect. Unfortunately, traditional marketing channels are not always organized to allow a smooth cross-channel transition. In fact, they are often segregated, having their own sets of goals and strategies.

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This creates a huge missed opportunity. The way marketers approach sales and communication channels should change and adapt to this new reality. In the digital era, the customer path is not always straightforward and is sometimes even spiral. Moreover, there are many possible combinations of touchpoints that customers may go through in their path to purchase.

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Marketers need to guide customers every step of the way through physical. They also need to be available wherever and whenever customers decide to make a purchase across their path. Enter omnichannel marketing—the practice of integrating multiple channels to create a seamless and consistent customer experience. It requires organizations to break channel silos and unify their goals and strategies. This will ensure a concerted effort across multiple online and offline channels to drive customers into making the commitment to purchase. You can monitor your company stay at home by employee monitoring software

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