The Best Place to Shop for a Hookah in 2021!

Hookahs have become very popular in recent years. The truth is, this is one of the oldest methods of tobacco use aside from pipes, but for a long time was relegated only to being a prop for locations set in far-flung places in adventure movies, at least as far as Western cultures were concerned.

With more and more awareness being raised vis-à-vis the truly toxic nature of smoking, as well as the increasingly-negative social attitude toward cigarettes, a lot of people are looking for better ways to enjoy their tobacco. While some are switching to electronic solutions, they just aren’t quite the same. So, those who truly enjoyed the taste of tobacco itself, and just can’t quite get satisfaction from newfangled 21st-century offerings, hookahs have become a popular, safer alternative.

But, what exactly is a hookah, and what’s the best place to shop for one?

First, let’s talk about what a hookah really is. To someone who is only ever seen one in a movie, they look like a very alien device, a little confusing. Basically, it’s simply a hollow chamber a top which sits a small bowl. In this bowl, a special type of tobacco called shisha is placed, which is an extremely sticky, moist substance not designed to actually burn. Instead, charcoal is burnt, slowly roasting and vaporizing the oils and flavorings in the tobacco.

The smoke is pulled into a hollow chamber beneath, and then one or more users simply inhale it through the various connected tubes affixed to this secondary chamber. The smoke is heavier, moister and much more flavorful than cigarette tobacco, and is also considerably less hazardous. With the different approach to producing the smoke, that being a type of evaporation primarily, there isn’t much in the way of ash were carcinogenic byproducts in the smoke, whereas inhaling the smoke of directly-burning tobacco produces these in high quantities.

Since their rise in popularity in Western culture, companies in New Zealand, Australia and Europe have made them their own, bringing a modern, futuristic feel to the design and implementation. While we all picture that Persian -looking, ornate fixture from movies, modern hookah is produced by the West are works of science, gorgeous and simplistic, effective but blending in with your modern, minimalist sensibilities.

While also bringing in a lot of modern engineering, they are also a lot simpler and lower-maintenance than the traditional designs shown in those old movies. They are more durable, easier to clean, easier to use and a lot more portable.

In the cultures whence hookahs originate, they are a form of social get together, people negotiating business meetings, government affairs and much more while sharing a flavorful smoke with a hookah. If you are interested in experiencing a new, less toxic way to enjoy your tobacco, you should consider purchasing a modern hookah from your local specialty tobacco shop. If you are unfamiliar with hookahs, the passionate staff will be happy to explain all of the concerns, benefits and get you started with no trouble.

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