Texts on the side of the cosmetic box

Have you, readers, ever seen these words on the side of the cosmetic box? The first brand of cosmetics has this sentence on the side of the box. but write very small “Results vary from person to person. If you want to have clear skin Should be used in conjunction with facial foam โฟมล้างหน้า , toner and day cream and should be used continuously for at least 3 months.

Cosmetics brand 2 “Results vary from person to person. Changes in the skin layer occur in the epidermis layer. (Cuticle) only. For best results, should be used in conjunction with the entire skin care set.

These small messages may cause many of you to neglect to read when using the cream and it doesn’t work and then go back to the shop. Or call. Go to the company, there are many.

I want to say that these things are impermanent. The word impermanent is Not everyone’s skin is the same. Some people have sensitive skin , oily skin, so my friends say that it’s good to use, it may not be good to use. But we should encourage ourselves and believe that we have to be beautiful the night before. If we start to feel like it’s taking too long, we should be able to “understand and accept” what happened.

Now I want everyone to know the word Individual Effects first.

Individual effects are omitted words to understand. (Understand the very small size next to the box) in the manufacturer of various brands of dietary supplements and cosmetics. Because manufacturers are well known that There may be many people who are not successful in the results of taking supplements or applying the cream to the skin to achieve the desired results. because each person is different (ethnicity, genetics, skin daily life operations) therefore cannot be referenced interchangeably.

Let’s look at an example of a customer I’ve met.

Customer “Nong, this brand of cream says that it makes your face whiter. Wrinkles look faded in 4 weeks, why haven’t you seen it yet? is already due.”

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Pharmacist “There are many reasons, for example, the important substances claimed in the cream have little research. The concentration that was put into it was less. or your skin is already dark It may take some time. (But I don’t know how long it’s been.) How similar are our products to the volunteers? And the number of trials is large or not. The results were measured by the skin test instrument or simply by the satisfaction of the experiments. If all of the above is valid It depends on our skin. whether it responds well to the cream or not

“Actually, skin is a very complicated thing. There is also a mechanism to protect yourself from things that come into contact with the skin, such as pushing out toxins (a good thing), pushing out medicines, pushing out nourishing creams. And the journey of the cream to the destination in each person’s skin takes the same amount of time. The results are up to the individual.”

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Science has continued to advance our world. But we also have to follow these things consciously. New things that happen may have both you and hidden penalties. May be good, but not always everyone. What’s new today may be something that will be lagging for years to come. Many of you are enjoying and enjoying the new things of science. But there were also many who were disappointed and prepared to turn their backs on it. But it’s late You still have many options. various brands One of them might be your best bet. Because each person has an individual duel effect on things. that is not the same

Tip 7 Don’t lose hope.. If you just love your skin

Have you ever been surprised by an experiment in volunteers who applied a placebo cream? (cream that does not contain active substances or active substances It’s just a normal cream that only moisturizes) right? Some volunteers have shown results, such as a fuller face. There is more collagen production. And in some trials the results in the placebo cream group were more effective than the real cream group. (Containing active substances) again. Of course, the key factor that affects is belief. Because everyone has different intentions, so if you are just starting to use the cream. or thinking of wanting to take care of your skin There is no word.

inspirational tips

Have a clear goal of wanting beautiful skin in the future.

The world of skin care is exciting and challenging. Don’t think too much about trifles. If it makes us laugh happy smile Let’s nourish. better than to surround the stable behind the lost cow

The hope that the cream will help your skin better is a sign of positivity. Let you rejoice in what awaits Don’t think it’s too old or too late.

when new science comes out Please find the information clearly. If the new substance has good enough information. Don’t hesitate to prove to slow down

If the cream we want is too expensive Or we can’t buy it at all. Think of a cream that is reasonably priced as effective as it is. because the cream is expensive Most often, the price is spent on advertising. presenter fee Many brands are exaggerated. both with important substances just a little

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