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Surya TV is a Malayalam-language Indian general entertainment pay television channel. It is a subsidiary of the Sun TV Network, headquartered in Kochi, Kerala. The channel has a diverse range of programming. In addition to the regular news and sports coverage, Surya airs movies, documentaries, and music videos. The network has a large subscriber base, with more than ten million viewers.

With a huge regional audience, Surya TV provides a variety of entertainment programming. From reality shows to serials, from the latest movies to comedies and sports, the channel is a popular destination for entertainment. If you want to watch your favorite Malayalam shows, consider a subscription to the Surya TV app or streaming service. You can also watch popular Malayalam television shows on the Go! mobile app, or through the Surya TV website.

Surya TV is based in Kerala, with studios in Chennai and Trivandrum. The channel telecasts entertainment shows in both Tamil and Malayalam. The channel airs movies and TV shows. The Surya Singer reality competition is one of the most popular shows on the station. Its popularity reflects the diversity of the network’s programming. Aram + Aram = Kinnaram is an exciting music show that premieres on 26 August. During the show, popular TV personalities split into two teams and perform song and dance routines.

Besides news and information, the Surya TV channel also offers popular movies and television shows in Malayalam, Tamil, and Malayalam. The channel is part of the Sun Network and reaches the entire Middle East, USA, and Canada. The channel broadcasts in MPEG4 format. The network aims to connect people in the South through their local languages and culture. The network also has two sister channels – Kiran TV and SURYA TV.

The Surya TV channel offers Splendid ROI for advertisers. It allows advertisers to choose the audience and time band for their advertisements. Moreover, the Surya TV channel also offers digital marketing, social media marketing, and brand visibility in the local market. In addition to these, the channel is the most popular in the region for Malayalam and Tamil content. It is available in a variety of languages and time bands, including Malayalam and English.

The company’s two Malayalam channels are available in all major cities. In addition, the network has licenses for 45 FM radio stations in India. Its first Tamil channel launched on 14 October 2011 was called Kiran TV. The other four Malayalam language channels were launched later that year. Those two are the two most popular channels on the network. The Malayalam channel is also available in many foreign languages.

Sun TV has become a 24-hour television channel in India. Until 1995, the channel was in a time-sharing agreement with ATN. Since then, it has become a popular 24-hour channel in the state. Its time-sharing arrangement with ATN made it possible for the channel to offer a wider range of programs to viewers. In addition, the network is home to some of the best-known names in the Telugu film industry.

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