Signs That Your Marriage is Toxic 

Marriage is one of the most beautiful feelings in the universe. However, it can quickly turn into your worse nightmares. Staying in a toxic marriage is one of the worst heartbreak the couple has to endure. Many couples do not realize the signs of a toxic marriage, which ends up with a vague divorce. Before jumping to any conclusion and making decisions, it is vital to speak to a divorce attorney Westport ct

Signs to watch out. 

  • Excessive controlling behavior. 

Often, a person may neglect their partner’s behavior, thinking they are being possessive. However, a marriage may turn toxic when only one partner has excessive control. For example, your partner limits how you can dress, where you can go, and other aspects of your life. 

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  • There are no boundaries. 

Many people believe that marriages have no boundaries, but the reality is far from what people think. For example, your spouse demands to be present or expects you to be available even when you are working. Although this may seem normal initially, it can escalate your marriage into a toxic one. 

  • Gaslighting. 

One of the common signs that go unnoticed is gaslighting. Gaslighting is when your spouse manipulates you, leaving you guessing your own beliefs and actions. For instance, your spouse may be cheating but gaslight you into believing that you are the one responsible or you are the one cheating. 

  • Emotional abuse. 

Emotional abuse is often ignored because it is different than physical abuse. Abuse in any form -physical, emotional, or financial should not be accepted. Your spouse may emotionally abuse you with hurtful words and actions, which significantly affects your mental health. 

  • Your spouse isolates you from your friends and family. 

No matter how much of an introvert you are, there are people you would like to hang out with and have around. Your spouse intentionally isolating you from your friends and family is a significant red flag. The reason behind the isolation may be to control who you hang out with or make sure you are only around them. Couples in toxic marriages often realize this at the end, realizing they do not have any friends around. 

Toxic marriage does not mean your marriage has come to an end. Sometimes couple counseling or therapy can help the toxic person unlearn their patterns and work in the best interest of their marriages. However, if it is too late to save your marriage, consult a divorce attorney to explore your options. 

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