Safety Tips For Driving In And Around Work Zones

The US Federal Highway Administration has reported many worker fatalities and injuries around the work zones. Around one-third of the worker fatalities annually are caused by cars, vans, and trucks. Despite the government’s efforts to raise awareness about the dangers of the road and prevent accidents, careless drivers still take lives. 

When driving around work zones, one should be extra careful. Meanwhile, if you are involved in an accident near work zones, a car accident attorney near Rochester can help you. 

Safety tips for driving in and around work zones

  • Expect the unexpected. 

Work zones are more dangerous and accident-prone than other areas of the road in Rochester. Therefore, the speed limit may be lower than usual, traffic lanes may be changed, and you may find people working near or right on the road. You should expect these things in a work zone so you can prevent accidents. 

  • Do not speed. 

Speeding is not recommended anytime. However, it can be particularly more dangerous near work zones. Work zones have changing speed signs, and you should look out for them. Speeding on the road where employees work can cause injuries and even kill people. 

Police are increasingly becoming more strict about speeding in work zones, and they won’t cut you any slack once you get caught. The best way to avoid trouble is by following the road signs. 

  • Stay alert and minimize distraction. 

A driver’s eyes and attention should always be on the roadway, especially on a busy road. Work zones have people working near or on the road. Therefore, paying attention at all times is crucial. Avoid doing distracting activities, such as speaking on the phone, eating, talking to other occupants of the vehicle, changing the radio station, etc. Avoid doing anything that removes your attention from the road. 

  • Do not tailgate. 

One of the most common types of accident in a work zone area is a rear-end collision. You should always keep a safe distance between your vehicle and the one in front of you. Workers are always working on the road, and the vehicle in front may press the brakes to avoid a collision anytime. Therefore, you need to remain alert about the lead vehicle’s actions. 

  • Do not rubberneck. 

Passing by construction sites or work zones can be easily distracting. You may want to look at the construction teams, enormous cranes, etc. However, this can cause a bad accident. Pay attention to what is in front of you rather than what is happening on the sidelines. 

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