Plant-Based Diet vs. Vegan

It is quite common for people to mistake a vegan diet for a plant-based diet or vice versa. Well, even though both diets share similarities, they are not exactly the same. So let’s break it down real quick. Vegan A vegan diet is one that contains no animal-based products.

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This includes meat, dairy, eggs as well as animal-derived products or ingredients such as honey. Someone who describes themselves as a vegan carries over this perspective into their everyday life. What this means is that they do not use or promote the use of clothes, shoes, accessories, shampoo, and makeups that have been made using material that comes from animals.

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Examples here include wool, beeswax, leather, gelatin, silk, and lanolin. The motivation for people to lead a veganism lifestyle often stems from a desire to make a stand and fight against animal mistreatment and poor ethical treatment of animals as well as to promote animal rights.

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Plant Based Diet

A whole food plant based diet in the other hand shares a similarity with veganism in the sense that it also does not promote dietary consumption of animal-based products. This includes dairy, meat, and eggs. What’s more is that, unlike the vegan diet, processed foods, white flour, oils and refined sugars are not part of the diet. The idea here is to make a diet out of minimally processed to unprocessed fruits, veggies, whole grains, nuts, seeds, and legumes. So, there will be NO Oreo cookies for you.

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