Physical training during pregnancy

Exercise during pregnancy can do wonders for you and your fetus.

The benefits of exercise are many in general but during pregnancy they become even more important because now you are exercising for two people. Physical training during pregnancy also has benefits related to the biology of the baby and we will present them in the article.

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In addition, we will

present some options for appropriate training but it is very important to do

everything in a controlled manner and with a hand on the pulse (literally) and

make sure that you do not “kill” yourself.

Exercise during pregnancy

– how it makes pregnancy happier

Exercise has been shown to release endorphins in the brain. It

is a positive chemical that improves our mood. This chemical enhances positive

thinking and as we know – thought creates reality. In addition, a supportive

environment, physical training, proper nutrition and proper breathing will

therefore help you get through the pregnancy in a healthier and happier way.

The secret to all of these

things is to maintain a good relationship with those around you. It is known

that during pregnancy, hormones run rampant and it is sometimes difficult to

keep a smile all day but it is very important to be nice and not just expect

everyone to understand you. Maintaining a good relationship with your husband,

your parents (and his), friendships and basically everyone, is what will help

you to be happier and get through the pregnancy more easily. 

Exercise during pregnancy

– the importance of it

We will not only talk about how good physical training is for

your physical health and also for your mental health, but we will also talk

later about the importance of physical training for your child.

Exercise and movement are effective ways to prevent pregnancy infections. Also,

physical training causes sweating that releases toxins from your body and it

also improves your body strength which will help you during pregnancy and

during the birth itself. The most important thing to keep in mind regarding

physical training is proper breathing. During pregnancy this is especially

important because most women, experience breathing problems during their

pregnancy. Therefore, proper breathing can make your pregnancy easier. Certain

exercises, such as meditation or yoga, can help you regulate your breathing.

Exercise during pregnancy

– what does the fetus gain from it?

We talked about how physical activity prevents pregnancy

infections but what is caused by this is that because the inflammation is

prevented, your good genes reach the fetus. In addition, physical training

helps in better development of the baby’s brain.

There is one thing that is

important to avoid as it can hurt the baby well – extreme sports. The risk in

this sport can harm both you and the fetus and it is a risk that is not worth

taking. Keep the workouts relatively calm and load yourself, neither in terms

of the intensity of the workout nor in terms of its length. Before you start

exercising, consult a doctor.

Physical training during

pregnancy – possible training

By and large, almost any physical training you do will be good

for you (except for the ones we have already said are not good) but there are

some that are a little better. Of course each type of workout has its benefits

but a half hour daily walk is a great way to perform a light, effective and

relaxing workout. You can also ride a bike if it’s something you like but the

best practice is to dance. You read them right, dance. The dance includes

movement, a type of meditation and the use of music known to contribute to

fetal development.

Another optional workout is strength training that will help you

strengthen your leg muscles, back, core muscles, pelvic floor muscles and leg

muscles. All of these will therefore help you get through the pregnancy more

easily because your body will be stronger to hold the baby in the womb and even

so you will get through the birth more easily.

As you understand, physical training during pregnancy is very

important. Exercise will help you during pregnancy and also during childbirth

and in addition, it helps in the development of your fetus. Do exercise on a daily

basis and as you have seen, training does not have to be marathon training. A

half-hour walk around the neighborhood does the job superbly.

Focus on breathing exercises to solve the common breathing

problems in pregnancy. To do this, one can do a yoga workout that incorporates

breathing exercises combined with physical movement.

Common questions

Exercise During Pregnancy – What Is The Biggest Benefit Of

Exercise During Pregnancy?

The biggest benefit of exercising during pregnancy is

strengthening the body. A stronger body will therefore help you get through the

pregnancy in a healthier and easier way. In addition, exercise prevents

inflammation that develops during pregnancy which helps to transfer the more

positive genes to the fetus.

Exercise During Pregnancy – What Is The Best Exercise During


There is no such thing as good gymnastics but not good (extreme

and intense sports) but dance has a triple advantage – movement, meditation and


Exercise during pregnancy – how long should each workout be?

First of all, the fact

that you are practicing at all is excellent. For best results, a daily workout

of at least half an hour should be performed. The training can be meditation,

walking, cycling or any other exercise you like. Make sure you get approval from

your gynecologist and consult with him / her about the right type of training

for you.

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