People and Interactions Are More Important Than Processes and Tools

While processes and tools can make things easier, they cannot replace the need for individuals to collaborate to solve problems laws4life. Humans must share information, collaborate to solve problems, and make decisions. The latter are not possible without the former. This is an important point that cannot be stressed enough. It is also important to consider the role of product owners when implementing agile processes. As an example, it is critical to ensure that product owners have a clear sense of the desired end result and that their input is incorporated into the overall decision making process lawyerdesk.

The Agile Manifesto states that “people and interactions are more important than processes and tools” and emphasizes the importance of each member’s individual contribution to the software development process lawyersmagazine. Teams that value individual contributions are more likely to deliver quality products. Process-driven teams are less likely to satisfy customers.

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