Magnetic Screen Door Attachment: This 2022 Summer Must-Have

Whether you’re renting a house or an apartment, there’s always a concern that you won’t get your security deposit returned when you move out. This becomes even more concerning with the rise in rent prices taking place across the country because your security deposit can be up to 1 month’s rent! Over the last few years, the market for items that provide little to no damage to walls and doors has really taken off. With renters making up 35% of the population, it’s no mystery why renters love to be able to decorate their apartment with things and styles they love that won’t break the bank or the security deposit! Even better is that these items can be reused, regardless of whether you are renting or buying.

With that being said, we did the work for you and found our top five products that are great for renters. All the findings we list below are temporary and will bring that sense of home renters are looking for because, after all, there’s no place like home!

Why Would I Install a Screen Door on a Rental?

This one really surprised us, in a good way! A magnetic screen door attachment that does its job and is super easy to install. This item includes metal thumbtacks as hardware for installation, which make tiny holes and allow you to take it with you when you move out. It’s a perfect size and can be used on a variety of different door types, including wood, sliding, fixed, and metal. We love that a magnetic screen door attachment gives renters the option to open their doors on good weather days and take in the fresh air while keeping bugs out. One of the best parts is the 26 strong magnets that allow you to walk outside hands-free and immediately close back up. Not to mention how heavy-duty the mesh is, and the reinforced edges make it safe for even pets to run through. The usual screen material we’ve seen on some similar and more expensive options rip and tear under the slightest pressure, ruining the door. We think a magnetic screen door attachment is a fun way to customize your space for under $22!

Is That Wallpaper?

Wallpaper has a bad reputation, and rightfully so. Applying wallpaper properly is complex, and removing wallpaper is even more difficult. It damages the walls, peels, and is usually applied on top of several other layers of wallpaper. We would have never thought we’d say this, but wallpaper is back in a big way. Even better for renters is the growing trend of temporary wallpaper! Renters can now apply their favorite style or color with no commitment. No damage when it’s time to move or if you get sick of the color. Just peel it off and throw it away. But paying $30-$75 for a small roll of wallpaper seems a bit much for us, considering this trend will likely end as fast as it came.

Naturally, Clean the Air With Plants

Plants are an easy way to put some color in your rental without painting. Find an excellent indoor plant, and you will be rewarded with naturally purified air. Plants are cheap, so if you kill them, it’s not the end of the world. Try to find something that is low maintenance and doesn’t require much water.

Layered Rugs

It’s no secret that the carpet in rentals has typically seen better days. If you are living in that situation right now, try layering rugs! Purchasing different size rugs not only adds dimension but brings in some much-needed color and may help you forget about the carpet that lies underneath. You can take them with you when it’s time to move and use them in your next space, too!

No-Nonsense Hooks

Command hooks are not new to the renter scene, but with their line of products continually expanding, why would you ever put a hole in the wall to hang a picture? From small to large, curtain rod holders and hooks of all types for every project you’re working on. These are good for gallery walls, hanging wreaths, and more.

What’s the Best Bang for Your Buck?

We love items that we can reuse no matter where life takes us, so for us, the magnetic screen door attachment is the clear winner with the affordability. You can put a custom, home-like touch for the time you’re in your rental. You can also take it with you confidently that the magnetic screen door attachment will most likely work on a door in your future home. Also, we are always huge fans of products that are safe for pets! We give it two thumbs up and love how something so easy can make a huge difference.

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