Madden NFL 22 – Future Star Antonio Gibson’s ‘Flashback’ Edition

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Washington Football Team/ Commanders is blessed with many great talents within the team’s ranks, and one of them – young Running Back, Antonio Gibson – has just received his latest ‘Flashbacks’ Player Card in the game!

Antonio Gibson is still relatively new in the NFL professional scenes but he has indeed made himself noticed by playing some wonderful football against other top teams in the competition.

Playing for Washington Football Team/ Commanders, Gibson is amongst the squad’s youngest and freshest members at the moment, but due to his undoubted abilities on the field, Gibson has just earned himself a ‘Flashback’ Player Card upgrade that highlights his amazing credentials during Commanders’ win against Dallas Cowboys in 2020.

Gibson’s latest player card now showcases incredible stat improvement like:

(HB) Antonio Gibson’s ‘Flashbacks’ Player Card: OVR 96

  • Acceleration, ACC (General): 97
  • Break Tackle, BTK (BallCarrier): 96
  • Change of Direction, COD (BallCarrier): 95
  • Juke Move, JKM (BallCarrier): 95
  • Speed, SPD (General): 95

Playing as a Running Back, Gibson’s in-game archetype is of the Elusive Back, boasting player traits such as:

  • Makes Aggressive Catches
  • Makes RAC (Run after the Catch) Catches
  • High Motor

Surprisingly, although his player card is rated at 96, his market price is not that expensive, actually (estimate):

  • Xbox: 133,000 MUT Coins

If you’re looking to recruit a new Running Back for MUT, Gibson just might be the one for you!

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