Los Angeles car accident: Your guide to dealing with the basics

Car accident statistics in California aren’t that reassuring. It is no secret that crashes, and collisions happen quite frequently on the roads of the state, and a considerable percentage of these auto accidents are reported from Los Angeles. Thankfully, California is an at-fault state with claimant-friendly laws. If you sustained injuries in such an accident in LA, there are a few steps that you need to follow to claim compensation from the at-fault party. Among other things, you may also want to consult one of the car accident attorneys Los Angeles for advice and legal counsel. Here is an overview of the basics at a glance. 

What to do after a crash?

–         Seek medical attention. No matter how small your injuries may seem, you need to check with an attorney. 

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  • Call the police. Don’t leave the scene until an investigating officer arrives and try to get a copy of the police report. 
  • Get information. Talk to other drivers and exchange contact and insurance details. You need those details to file a third-party claim. 
  • Note down the details. You may forget crucial details related to the car accident later. Write down all you can remember. 
  • Take photos. Take photos and videos of the accident scene and gather physical evidence if possible. Take photographs of your injuries too. 
  • Inform your insurer. While you don’t have to admit fault or share too much information, let your insurer know. Click here the website searchusers you can find out the lots of information thumbtube

How does the fault system in California work?

California allows drivers to recover a settlement even when they are more at fault. This is called the “pure” comparative fault system. Even if you are 60% at fault, you can sue the other driver for negligence, although your fault share will determine the final settlement. Similarly, the other party can sue you for your negligence, but their fault share will decide what they get from the awarded settlement. 

Do you need a lawyer?

While not mandatory, hiring a car accident lawyer will benefit your case. Numerous law firms in LA work on a contingency basis, and one of their attorneys can offer a free case evaluation. Your lawyer doesn’t get paid until you win, and that could be a big advantage for anyone in final distress. It is no secret that insurance companies always offer lower settlements to claimants, and with an attorney, you can expect fair compensation for your losses.

Call a lawyer now!

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