Is Homecare Services Covered By Medicare?

This is the obvious query if you are someone with medical insurance. Most of the time while visiting the hospital we don’t care about medical bills and expenses as it is covered by medicare. But can we say the same for home care services? If you are dwelling on the same question, we are going to answer the same in this blog. Also, if you are looking for personal care then the home care agency King of Prussia can be your suitable option.

What is Medicare?

It is a health program decided by the government authorities to provide health benefits to individuals who are suffering from a disability or above or below 65 irrespective of their financial condition. But to get medicare one should pass the eligibility criteria.

What Kind Of Homecare Benefits can One Get from Medicare?

This is important to discuss as medicare for homecare services only covered skilled care. It means the government authorities will pay for the medical expenses or will provide some relaxation if you are dealing with chronic illnesses or any kind of injury etc. The services must be for the short term and it is offered by the therapist or nurse. However, you need to have a doctor’s approval for the same and must pass the eligibility criteria.

Non-skilled services are not covered by medicare. Various activities such as bathing, cleaning, etc that require day-to-day assistance are not included in the Medicare benefits. Other than this, individuals needing hospice care can also take advantage of medicare benefits. Hospice care is needed for people that have a life expectancy of fewer than 6 months.

Why Go with Homecare Services?

Homecare services allowed to get extensive healthcare at home itself. The goal of the service is to curate the medical plan of individuals based on their needs. Since it offers plenty of benefits that’s why people go for home care services. Some of them are listed below:

  • It offers flexibility and independence to individuals. Patients are allowed to do all their daily chores like bathing, walking, etc without losing their freedom.
  • Patients are not bed-bound and their friends and family members are always around, which made the recovery process faster.
  • Having a home care service saves patients a lot of time that they waste visiting the hospital. 
  • Further, it also saves them money as home care services are covered by medicare.

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