How To Free Yourself From Student Loans Fast

Unfortunately, unlike most advanced countries in the Western world, college education in the United States is paid. Student Fees can be so high that some people have to take federal and, in some cases, even private loans. 

Borrowing loans can significantly reduce the quality of life of borrowers even after graduation and be the result of acute stress in case of delayed payments, bankruptcy, and crises such as unemployment or illness. However, there are specific ways to relieve the pressure from loan repayment and increase the quality of life accordingly. 

This article will provide you with information on the best and fastest ways to fully or partially exempt student loans in 2021. 

1. Search for Student Loan Forgiveness Programs 

In some cases, the US Department of Education, which issues federal loans, may consider the borrower’s request for full or partial forbearance of the debt. However, for this, the applicant must have a strong reason for the conditions on which the Department officers will decide whether the loans are burdening the debtor’s life. 

The most famous program for forgiveness is called the “Public Loan Forgiveness Program” which is given to low-income public sector workers with over ten years of experience. In addition to this program, forgiveness can be issued:

  1. Highly classified primary school teachers with at least five years of experience and low earnings;
  2. Persons who can document their bankruptcy;
  3. If the college where the borrower studied has closed before graduation, or if the certificate issued by the educational institution is no longer coded in the United States;
  4. In the event of debt of continuing illness, death, or physical inability of the borrower to repay the loan;
  5. For the Distinguished Service to the United States, including serving in the armed forces.

Moreover, it would be best to remember that getting a positive response to forgiveness is very difficult and requires a lot of documentary red tape. If you have not been able to reach the federal authorities, you can also look for similar programs at the level of your state.

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2. Get help at work.

Now more and more companies are helping their young workers pay off their student loans. So there are special programs in which the company undertakes the obligation to pay part of the loan to its worker, but in most cases, these programs are valid only if the borrower is an employee at the time of college tuition. In this case, the debtor is given a chance to change the credit pressure and increase the quality of life.

3. Find the most suitable repayment plan.

After graduating from college, the borrower is given a loan repayment plan for the next ten years. However, whether the loan is federal or private, a person can change the plan to match your wages. If debtors feel that the standard 10-year plan is making their life too difficult, they have the right to ask for a reduction in the monthly payment, but in this case, the period for paying the debt can be significantly extended. 

Moreover, many private companies and federal agencies can give you a grace period from six months to several years in the event of unemployment, illness, or bankruptcy.

4. Pay more than your monthly rate. 

For example, if the borrowers have to repay $ 100 a month, then they pay out $ 150. Thus, they will not only finish the plan earlier, but they will also be able to reduce the interest rate significantly. As a result, they will save thousands of dollars. 

Of course, not everyone has a good financial position for this method, so initially, you need to evaluate your budget carefully. What’s more, everyone can find a better job or get a promotion in the future, so you can always come back to that option!


Many are afraid to get large loans due to fear of pressure and constant stress due to payments for many years. Therefore, many people, faced with difficulties, are looking for ways to avoid loans. The most important thing is to study the possibilities, options well and apply for the most suitable program. But remember that no one will forgive you a loan because you wanted to, for that you need to have good reasons. You only need a little patience and hard work on yourself, and then you will succeed!

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