How to find the best cricket bets?

Cricket is a team sport game that is one of the most popular in India. Not only do fans love him, but also betters. Bets on this sports discipline are accepted by most major bookmakers. On the popular site you can bet on cricket all year round in pre-match and live. Here are wide lines and a variety of paintings for major tournaments and leagues, as well as for less significant competitions.

This is a sports game with complex rules, where every match is special. Therefore, not all betting fans undertake to predict cricket. Therefore, the odds for this sports discipline are always quite high.

Features of predicting cricket matches

Betters who are going to bet on this sport need to know that there are three competition formats:

  • First level. These are test meetings and national tournaments, which take from three to five days.
  • One-day. These are single-day bouts with a maximum of 50 overs.
  • T20. These are dynamic and spectacular fights for 3.5 hours.

For bets on this discipline to be profitable, it is necessary to conduct a high-quality pre-match analysis. Not only the duration of the meeting should be taken into account, but also the following aspects:

  • weather;
  • technique and skill of athletes;
  • results of previous meetings;
  • form of commands;
  • endurance of athletes;
  • the presence of long journeys or flights;
  • the density of the schedule of opponents.

To make a winning bet live, you need to carefully monitor the dynamics of the game and the change in quotes. The longer the fight lasts, the more likely it is to guess the result and win a large amount.

What to bet on in cricket?

In popular bookmakers, there are a large number of types of bets on the main outcomes and additional ones. In the mainline, bets are most often offered on:

  • Result. A draw result can only be in first-level games and test matches. In all other competitions, only the victory of one of the opponents can be predicted.
  • Double Chance. Bets are accepted only on matches where a draw is possible. You can bet on the fact that there will be no draw or that one or another team will not be defeated.
  • Totals. You can predict the number of runs in a duel, and the result at a certain segment of the game meeting.
  • Handicap. Parina wins one of the teams with a handicap.
  • Individual total. A bet on the number of runs of one team or individual player.
  • Draw results. Bet on which team will start the game.
  • First bowler, batsman.
  • Championship winner. An early bet on who will be the winner of the entire tournament.

In many popular bookmakers, you can also find additional betting options that are not included in the mainline. It can be a bet on an even or odd score, on the number of odds and totals. Such forecasts are made based on intuition, without taking into account any factors.

Where to bet on cricket?

Now many bookmakers offer cricket bets, so betting is really interesting and profitable, you only need to choose a reliable operator. One of the best platforms for players from India is Parimatch. Attractive bonuses, high quotes, and convenient methods for withdrawing winnings and deposits are the main advantages of the site. Bets here can be made in euros, dollars, and rupees. The licensed office offers rich lists for top competitions and many additional bets on statistics. The average margin for pre-match and in-match bets does not exceed 7%.

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