How should I prepare Current Electricity for IIT-JEE?

Electrostatics is the fundamental chapter of Electromagnetism for JEE mains and advance. It also forms the founding chapter for engineering subjects. For B.Tech or B.E it is the fundamental topic which acts as a foundation subject for many other topics to be studied. Thus, it is not only important for only grade 12 exams or JEE but beyond JEE too. So, this chapter should be studied with the utmost concept clarity and dedication. It is often seen that the candidates find class 11th physics textbook easier to grasp as it mainly deals with the mechanics portion as most of the examples can be studied or rather seen through our daily life but in electrostatics, most of the interactions work on the atomic level so it becomes extremely challenging to understand as it cannot be literary seen through our eyes.

After this chapter one can easily understand the concepts lading to the Capacitors, Current electricity, and Magnetism. It not only forms a major part marks weightage wise for class 12th board syllabus but also an extremely important topic when it comes to d3ealing with JEE Physics. More than 12 marks question is often seen in JEE main and mor than one question is JEE advance is also observed. so, a lot of practice is required, major command over concepts, consistent clarity over the doubts with your respective teachers is required.

Now to understand this topic thoroughly certain topics like Conservation Of energy, Conservation of momentum, Newton’s Laws of Motion needs to be understood beforehand. Some basic questions and good questions of these chapters with constant revision of these chapters needs to be solved such that solving and understanding the concepts clearly happens.

  • Read the NCERT carefully: Reading the NCERT may not be very exciting, but some topics like Conductor and its properties are covered very well in NCERT. After reading the NCERT, also check out the concepts outlined in the HC Verma book. Solve first the full examples and examples given at the end. You can now solve DC Pandey’s book and also Cengage (B M Sharma) if you need more questions. Get to Know New Tools As you can see, most students are constantly solving problems on one topic. However, you should understand a topic that requires more practice.
  • Look at the subject wisely: Make sure to look at the subject wisely. Study Coulomb’s Law thoroughly and ask a few questions. But don’t waste a lot of time on Coulomb’s law. Because you cannot get direct questions on this topic online or in advance. Coming to Gauss’s Law, this is very important from the point of view of the question, so we need to take Gauss’s Law very seriously. Also, try to understand how the reasoning of the formula is made, as evidence helps you expand your thinking. Understand how flow is calculated in different bodies and different surfaces.
  • Understand your potential. You need to be quite serious because in electrostatics the whole game only works against potentials. Unlocking your potential will help you master the theory perfectly. Briefly note potential formulas in and out of various bodies. It will help you solve it at the last minute. Understand the following topics and solve many problems. Electric fields due to the distribution of charges, dipole moments, the mechanics associated with static electricity, the torque or force acting on the body due to the electric charge, and the work done by the electric charge. Number Practice Increase your number practice because the Year 12 curriculum is broad and includes mixed questions. There are a lot of questions about static electricity and lots of questions should be answered in the module/package or book you have.
  • Attempt the last year’s question papers: You must solve the previous year’s assignments. It’s a good idea to solve all two questions in this chapter every weekend (after chapter completion) to remind you of the theories and concepts you had in mind while preparing. If you think you can’t solve last year’s problems. Go and understand the concept again. As a Skills Analyst, take questions from the previous year.

Do you know the answer of the below question:

Kirchhoff’s first and second laws for electrical circuits are consequences of

  1. conservation of energy
  2. conservation of electric charge and energy respectively
  3. conservation of electric charge
  4. conservation of energy and electric change respectively

Do not criticize concepts and formulas without understanding the underlying logic. Students generally prioritize remembering everything. At this point, you’ll hear your colleagues say, “I studied a long time, but I can’t remember anything.” When you learn to understand and apply a concept, you tend to memorize it for a long time. To become a teacher Start exploring the curriculum to teach your peers and help them better understand concepts. Studying with peers will help you consolidate what you have learned and test your knowledge. It will also help make your study schedule more interesting Testing is an important part of smart learning. Review the old question sheets and ask your friends to see if they’re good at the topic. This will give you a clear understanding of your strengths and weaknesses, and the topics on which you should invest more time. You can visit here to know about the abovethenews. On the other hand, you can also get more essential info on dbfile. Here is the best news portal thoughtco where you can get the latest news around the world.

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