Find the Right Dancewear Bodysuits for Beginners

You’ve just hit a dance gig and you feel uncomfortable performing in ordinary pants – we got you.

You have probably seen other dancers in lighter clothes and must be wondering where they got theirs from. We will guide you on how to choose from our exotic collection of dancewear for beginners.

Attitude Behavior Clothing is an Exotic Dancewear brand. We use the best available qualities of fabric to produce premium quality female dancewear’s and accessories for all sizes. Our designs are made under the guidance of an experienced Fashion Designer, Fashion Designer Shanikki Chantel who also created the company.

Our brand guarantees you comfortable textures of fabrics with elegant designs. These fabrics will retain shape and color over a long period. Our products are literal physical representations of combining design and comfort together. We produce aesthetic designs of bodysuits, bandeaus, stockings, bum shorts, thong sets, and rompers made from fishnets, silk, shiny prints etc.

In addition to the eye-catching prints of floral designs, we also accept custom orders. If you browse through the styles on display on our website and any of them catches your eyes but you prefer it in a different color or design, we can make that for you.

You can also place orders for your custom designs for uniforms in birthday parties and other events. We can deliver custom dancewear’s for every possible size you request.

Our custom orders service only requires an appointment for dialogue, during which you provide a sketch of the design then we take measurements and discuss the cost. The dialogue can take place either over the phone or in person. We normally charge 50 percent upfront for custom orders. We don’t accept refunds and exchanges for custom orders.

We can also accommodate group orders for bartenders, bottle girls, clubs, hookah lounges and restaurants.  Our group orders consist of a minimum of 6 people, and we have a maximum number of looks. Consultation for group orders is carried out with the group leader who will provide all necessary information with a 50 percent upfront payment. If You Need More Information Visit demotix

For custom orders, please call or text (813) 517-9904 for a consultation. Our website is capable of processing international orders. However, depending on the weight of the product, quantity, and location, prices may vary. Due to the nature of our products, we normally do not accept returns.

There is a Contact page on our website for easy access to our customer care agents. Our products are available online at very affordable rates. Group orders normally take between 7 to 14 days depending on the quantity. We choose the highest quality in the products we create. Shipping normally takes less than 7 business days depending on the location. Shipping is still 2-3 business days after that, for all RUSH orders please call in.

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Our company has both educational and professional experiences in the clothing and apparel industry. You don’t want to miss out on our wonderful offers.

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