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Producers and sponsors invest millions of dollars in India’s entertainment sector, especially the cinema sector. The remuneration of actors and actresses in this sector is skyrocketing. A commercially successful film earns millions. And the hall owners also took advantage of the opportunity to make a large amount of money. But the hall owner’s business has come to a standstill for a few websites that illegally publish movies on their website, resulting in a large portion of viewers watching movies at home or not. As a result, everyone involved in the film, including the hall owner, has to face losses. In the exact opposite way, websites take a considerable amount of money. Filmygod is one such website. Filmygod is at the top of the list of websites that make money by illegally releasing movies. Listening to the revenue of this website will make you astonished.

What is the estimated worth? is one of the most reliable websites that provide all the details worth of websites. From the research of this main website, filmygod has a considerable revenue, and its estimated worth is US$2,384,800. has calculated this amount value on advertising revenue based on its ranking and traffic data. Research has shown that filmygod is a popular website that makes money from movies and makes a lot of money from the advertising sector. Research shows that they earn the US $ 517,30 annually from advertising, with 34,516,080 spectators visiting the website each year and 172,639,360 pages.

How popular filmygod is:

A study by found that the global ranking of the filmygod website has improved significantly in the last 90 days, rising from 46887 to 11940.’s research shows that more than five pages of this website are visited by people every day, and one person spends an average of more than 4 minutes on the filmygod website.

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