Everything about Moon Princes Slot in Japan that will surely make you casino master

Moon Princess by Play’n GO is based on the same-named Japanese manga series. This is a full-blown anime event with pastel colors and lovely decorations; it features three sultry beauties, each with its extraordinary power. Expect a lot of female strength and some puzzle gaming.

Moon Princess will help gamers get their bearings in the Japanese animation universe. Aside from the aesthetics, meters, collection boxes, and multipliers are shown in action. Love, Star, and Storm watch from their thrones on the right side of the screen as players spin. Each spin produces 25 symbols on a 5×5 grid. It’s useless to risk all your money unless you have a backup plan. ムーンプリンセス (Moon Princes Slot) is the best slot game available in the casinos of Japan.

Win multipliers start at X1 and increase by 1 for every successive drop, boosting stakes to X1 than to 1. So you may generate gigantic chain reactions of successive triumphs with growing multipliers. Moon Princess has a 10/10 volatility rating, suggesting very changeable long-term performance. The math model also includes RTP, which has a default rating of 96.5%.

Players may be doused with glitter when the pay tables are announced. Low-cost jewelry includes a gold-green charm, a moon star, a heart, and a winged bell. In a winning combination of five symbols, all three princesses payout ten times the amount. We addressed the “wild,” which can replace the pay symbols and pays out 50 times the bet in fives. After removing all other symbols, the free spins bonus appears.

The Moon Princess has several unique features

Because Moon Princess has so many facets, its cluttered nature is accentuated. Girl Power can occur on any non-winning spin. There are three variations based on which princess is facing the grid.

True Love is expressed through a multitude of symbols

Using the Star Random Number Generator, adds one or two wild symbols to the grid. The power meter is on the left. Princess Trinity feature is enabled when complete. The meter has three parts, as shown in the diagram. You can easily choose ムーンプリンセススロット (Moon Princes Slot) easily without hesitation as it is the most popular one.

Three cards next to each other occupy a sector.

If you have four of a kind, fill two sections.

The three areas can be filled with five distinct pairings.

The meter must be complete to get a free spin, and there must be no more wins on the grid. A higher number of triumphs result from this spin.

Clear the entire grid to activate the Free Spins bonus feature. Players can select between Love (4 free spins) and Star (5 free spins) when this happens. The Storm option offers eight free spins. Girl Power is active on the chosen princess for some rounds but never reaches x20.

Winning tips for Moon Princess

Moon Princess needs to meet you in person to get a sense of the atmosphere. Moon Princess is a fantastic slot with a beautiful design for those who aren’t scared off by princesses, Love, and moons.

A game like this requires a lot of dice rolling, and Moon Princess can do it well. A combination will activate an overload meter, and a modifier will activate a free spin, and so on. When things go well, winners’ chains become longer. Keep in mind that this can be variable when choosing your spins.

Combining these two figures creates a game that will dispel any fears you may have about the theme. When Moon Princess sets sail, no one can predict what will happen. But it doesn’t matter. The best way to enjoy Moon Princess is to sit back and relax.

These things are enough to make you a casino master without any worry. Get started with the best casino available now.

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