Divorcing A Narcissist – What To Expect

A narcissistic person is someone whose self-involvement is so much that they do not care for the needs of other people around them. While many people sometimes show narcissistic behavior, some people frequently disregard other people’s feelings. 

Being married to a narcissist is difficult, but divorcing one may be even harder. If you are seeking a divorce from a narcissistic personality, you will require the assistance of a Salt Lake City divorce help law firm; otherwise, their behaviors may lead to even more stress. 

What to expect when divorcing a narcissist

  • You will never be right. 

Do not expect to be right when fighting against a narcissist. Such people are never wrong in their eyes, and you will always be the villain in their story. They will blame you for the divorce and paint you bad in front of everyone, including your family, friends, and children. 

Your narcissistic spouse may convince some people that you were the one to break up the family. During this time, try not to give them a reaction as you need to be viewed as a sane and sensible person in front of the court. 

  • They will never move on. 

Even if your narcissistic ex was the one who initiated the divorce, has a new romantic partner, or has a baby, you will always remind them of a failure in their life. They will never forget you and always hold a grudge against you. The only way narcissistic personalities can tolerate the people they hate is by tarnishing their image. Therefore, you can expect the case to be lengthy. 

  • They will use your children against you. 

A narcissistic person does not like to lose and will go to any lengths to win the case, even if it means using their own children for their selfish needs. They may badmouth you in front of the children and manipulate them into thinking that you are an irresponsible parent, while they are the ones who are absent in the child’s life. 

Keeping a log of missed visitations, unanswered calls, or other instances where they acted as a careless parent is your best way to win. 

  • Expect a lot of drama. 

It is not surprising that narcissists will do a lot of drama to get what they want. During the divorce, they will speak ill about you to everyone, threaten you, engage in cyber-bullying, interfere with visitation times, and turn molehills into mountains. Narcissists constantly need attention and believe in “anything to win” philosophy. Therefore, you can expect a dramatic and high-conflict divorce. 

If you are looking for ways to get through the divorce with as little trouble as possible, no one better to turn to than a skilled divorce attorney. An attorney who has dealt with narcissistic defendants before will be able to guide you through the process effectively. 

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