Common Work Visa Interview Questions

Finding a job in the United States can be an exciting thing. However, the real problem begins when you need to get an employment visa to move to the country officially. Getting an employment visa for the US is not an easy job. The process is complicated, and an inexperienced person is bound to make mistakes. 

One of the most important parts of the process is the interview. During the interview, the interviewer will ask you a few questions related to your visa. You must answer them truthfully and accurately. If they catch you lying, you will lose credibility. Knowing some of the common work visa interview questions can help. click here to learn more. 

Common work visa interview questions 

  • Could you please introduce yourself?

Most people prepare for more specific and complex questions and forget about the most basic ones, such as this. The interviewer may ask you to give a brief introduction of yourself to get you to become comfortable. This is how you will make your first impression, so make sure you pick your words wisely. Introduce yourself by highlighting the most important and relevant details related to your visa. 

  • Why do you want to travel to the USA?

Now, this might be more of a trick question. Both you and the interviewer know that you want to travel to the USA for your job. However, they may still ask you this question to see how and what you respond. You must be clear when telling them that you want to travel solely for your job and not for other purposes. 

  • Who is your employer?

Details about your employer will be asked. Make sure you research your company, job position, and employer to be confident when answering such questions. Visa interviews can be stressful, so make sure you are well-prepared to answer everything about hesitation. You need to know the full name of your company and your boss.

  • Why this job at this company?

They may ask you why you want to work that specific job in that specific company. Make sure you tell them why this line of work is so important to you and how it has been your dream for a long time. You also need to tell them why you chose to apply to that specific company. Avoid using cliches like “It is the best company in the world.” Instead, give them a meaningful answer that will catch their attention. 

  • Do you have a Letter Of Recommendation from your employer?

You should carry your Letter Of Recommendation from your employer to the interview. In the letter, they should mention that they want to hire you and the reasons for it. It should also have some brief information about your company and your job position. 

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