There are literally thousands of different models of sewing machines. They vary from very limited to highly advanced 78 sewing technologies. You may never have used a sewing machine, or you may already be expert with your machine. Each sewing machine has its own set of features, ways to adjust, and little quirks to consider.

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Regardless, what sewing machine you currently have, the first and most important consideration is how to get it working, keep it working, and insure carefree sewing. So, How do you set up your sewing machine? You may have a sewing cabinet or simply use a kitchen table. In either case, when you pick up your machine, be very careful. Even the smallest sewing machine can be heavier and more awkward to carry than you might first expect.

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To pick up your sewing machine, look for a handle on the top of the machine. If it has one, use one hand to lift the machine, while using the other hand under the front of the machine to stabilize it. If it is too heavy for your to lift comfortably, find someone stronger to help. If your machine does not have a handle, reach one hand over the top of the machine and down behind the upper arm of the machine. Reach your fingers under the upper arm of the machine making it into a (rather large) handle. Buy RDP From reliable sites.


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Use your other hand under the front of the machine to lift it. Always keep in mind, the sewing machine can be awkward to carry even if it is not too heavy. Take precautions to insure you do not drop the machine or hurt yourself while carrying it. Set Up you machine on the table or cabinet.

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Inspect the power cord for any possible problems. Frayed or otherwise power cords can be very dangerous. Also attach the foot control. Plug them in and turn on the sewing machine. The sewing machine light should light up. If you gently push on your foot control, the machine should begin to move the needle bar up and down.

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