Bringing a Bed Sheet Home: 5 Things to Consider

You are in bed for a third of your day, so why not get sheets you can’t wait to get into? For proper sleep, you must bring home bed sheets that feel good and look good.

However, oftentimes, you might just buy linen without giving it second thoughts.

No wonder you are unable to sleep peacefully. It is time you go the extra mile to bring home soft and comfortable linen where closing your eyes won’t be a battle. Here are some steps that will help you along.

1. Thread Count isn’t Everything

It’s time you burst the bubble – the higher the thread count, the more comfortable the sheets. Because that’s not necessarily true. The thing is, manufacturing techniques allow bedding companies to increase counts without improving quality.

That said, experts recommend that 300 to 500 is ideal for strength and softness. You can also find good sheets at 200 thread count, but softness would be questionable.

However, ignore anything beyond 500 – you won’t indeed find any comfort.

2. Pay Attention to The Fabric Material

When it comes to bed sheets, the material you pick will significantly impact the quality of your sleep. For instance, if you go for wool, you might have to dream of bed bugs, while silk sheet means a peaceful slumber.

If you prefer something light, cotton poplin is your pick. Besides, 100% cotton is, of course, the best choice for comfort and breathability. Linen is also a great pick, specifically for summer.

That said, if you are willing to spend, extra-long-staple cotton such as Pima or Egyptian are even more soft and durable. Though, they are not meant for those on a tight budget.

3. Know about the Different Weave Types

Speaking of weave, not many people are aware of and give importance to it. However, you should as it will help you bring the perfect lined home.

The two primary choices are percale or sateen. The former is a durable, crisp, wave-like weave with a 180-thread count. At the same time, sateen is a satin weave that offers a soft and lustrous feel that is somewhat less durable.

Though, at the end of the day, it is your personal choice which you pick.

4. Don’t Make Assumptions about the Fit

You must go for the correct size when it comes to your mattress. Nobody wants something that looks saggy or has to be tucked in with pins. The wise thing would be to take measurements before you purchase, and for a proper fit, measure depth and size both.

You must also not forget about shrinkage after laundry.

5. Remember your Sleeping Needs

Another thing to remember when it comes to bed sheets is to consider your preference. Do you shiver at the thought of getting out of bed, or do you sweat through the night?

When choosing the sheets, keep these things in mind –

  • Hot Sleeper – If you are a person who has a high temperature during the night, consider a percale sheet or TENCEL fibre.
  • Cold Sleeper – If you feel cold despite the weather outside, it is best to go for a flannel sheet that keeps you warm.

The Bottom Line

There is nothing more important in life than a good night’s sleep. So, if that means you have to be extra extra careful while buying sheets, so be it!

You might not think it is essential, but everything that goes on your bed, from mattress to pillows, and sheets, play a vital role in the ideal sleep experience. In fact, deciding upon the right material, thread count, weave, and size means countless nights of proper slumber.

So, if you think your sheets are not doing a good job, go ahead and get a new one!

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