Best Flea Fall Family-Friendly Ride in San Antonio

For shoppers and merrymakers alike, flea markets are a good choice of unique activities and items at low prices. Flea markets in San Antonio offer you a large variety of games, food, shopping, and amusement rides. Traders Village San Antonio combines all these to give you and your family a remarkable experience. This article highlights why you should add this flea market to your bucket list. Read on to learn more.

1. Exiting Family Entertainment

Traders Village is not one of the ordinary flea markets in San Antonio that you’re used to. It offers unique family-friendly entertainment that will leave you and your family in awe. A $10.99 wristband gives you unlimited access to all rides all day long. Here are a few family-friendly rides offered here;

●  Fleafall

This is a favorite drop ride for those seeking a thrilling experience. The gondola raises you to 128 feet high in the air and then suddenly drops at 48 mph. All participants must be 48 inches tall.

●  Bouncer

Like the flea fall, riders are lifted on top of a 28-foot tower then suddenly dropped. They are then raised and freely fall again simultaneously, and this goes on and on. This makes it fun for adults and kids, but they must be 38 inches tall.

● Pharaoh’s Fury

It is a banana-like ride with a masthead that looks like King Tut of the Pharaoh, thus its name. It sweeps like an arc on the pendulum above the market. Riders also have a height restriction of 48″.

●  Scrambler

The scrambler consists of suspended rides that seem to be crashing into each other. It is suitable for people of all ages with a height requirement of 36 inches.

● Kids Trains

Children will enjoy rides in the kiddie train and a trackless train that takes you around the market. They both have a height requirement of 36 inches, and guardians or adults must accompany kids in the trackless family train.

●  Freddy’s Fender Bender

These are bumper cars fixed with joysticks to enable them to rotate 360 degrees and freely turn in any direction within the ring. It gives you such a fantastic experience. Riders need to be 44 inches tall.

2. Shopping

Besides amusement rides, flea markets in San Antonio offer a great shopping experience, and so is the Traders Village. Situated on a 100- acre piece of land, this market features thousands of vendors every weekend. You can get items ranging from handcrafted to manufactured cheaply, as long as you have excellent bargaining skills.

3. Special Festivals and Events

Traders Village has exciting activities all year round. This includes live concerts, holidays, and special visits at different seasons of the year. Famous festivals are as follows;

  • Spring

You can attend the Cajun Festival, which takes place every year, or enjoy treats with the Easter Bunny every April.

  • Summer

The sunflower field is opened, and photographers can take beautiful photos of the flowers with the backdrop.

  • Fall

The corn maze is open on weekends for exploration through the courses.

  • Winter

You can enjoy Christmas festivities with Santa at one of the best flea markets in San Antonio.


Traders Village is among the top flea markets in San Antonio that promise you and your family an exceptional experience. Negotiate your way to get better prices and enjoy different snacks after playing on the rides. It is important to note that weather could interrupt some of these activities because of its outdoor nature.

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