Best App To Buy Crypto currency

Currently, there are millions of investors selling, purchasing and getting benefits from crypto currency. Investing in crypto has also become accessible, and now you can buy crypto with any crypto exchange platform. Investors use several crypto exchanges to invest in their favorite currency, and each one of them has its advantages and limitations. In this article, we will talk about the best crypto exchange available in the market and why you should use them.

Best App To Buy Crypto Currency


KuCoin is the most praised and used platform for crypto trading outside the United States. It has a user-friendly interface that is easy to understand and offers considerable incentives to experienced traders. It has a robust user platform, and many traders use it; therefore, it provides high liquidity. It offers a good range of coins, and more than 400 coins are available on KuCoin. In KuCoin, you can buy your crypto with its currency named KCS, a channel between real money and crypto currency. It has low fees, and there are no monthly or annual charges. There is also a trading bot in which you can earn money even if you are not using crypto. The bot analyzes the trading pattern and invests money according to that. You can also make money by giving coins on loans through pool-X. It also supports mining pool and is the best platform for accurate and updated Cryptocurrency news.

It provided complete data and a chart history of all the coins that helped the investors to narrow down their purchase and sell options. It also provides extensive security and can be accessed from a mobile phone or the browser. The app includes support for all wallets.


Low fees

Over 400 coins

24 hours customer service

Easy interest and auto investment.


Not available in the United States.

Coin base

Coin base is a straightforward platform for the selling and purchase of crypto currencies. It provides good security, and there are a lot of features that can help you buy and sell trading crm. It also offers high liquidity, but no controlling options for wallet keys exist.


Provide security

Easy to use


No wallet control


Cash App

It is also easy to use the app but is not built for advanced and experienced investors because it only provides Bitcoin exchange. However, it offers flexible and easy methods to withdraw money. It also provides peer to peer transfer options.


Simple to use

Withdraw bitcoin

P2P transfer


No other currency support

High price and extra charges on each transaction


Bisq is also a good platform for crypto exchange, but it only provides support for 45 currencies. It has advanced security features and can be accessed with smart devices or computer systems. It has a low trading volume but offers complete decentralized currency exchanges.


Decentralized platform.

14 payment options.


Low transaction speed.

Low trade volume

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