Backyard Building: Three Things You Need To Know Before Building A Patio In Australia

The weather in Australia is markedly different from other regions in the world. Take Brisbane, for instance. The city experiences its coldest months in September and October. Temperatures in Melbourne follow a similar pattern.

So, for those looking to build patios in their backyards, getting an open one may not be the best idea. You must also consider that the country faces variable rainfall all year round.

Yet, you don’t have to give up on your dream of a beautiful backyard. In fact, with a few tips, you could be well on your way to realising that goal. Let’s walk you through it all!

1. Consider the overall position.

A common misconception is that a patio has to connect to your house directly. While that does help make things a little cohesive, it doesn’t always work that way.

For example, if the space directly faces the sun, it would mean you get a blast of glaring light right around midday. On the other hand, insufficient sunlight filtering through could also be a cause for concern.

A simple tip here is not to get too attached to the idea of a connecting patio. Instead, try and figure out what the best position for it is. Of course, it still has to be in your backyard, just not directly linked to your rear entrance.

2. Look into an enclosed space.

Now, people don’t always think of having walls around their patios. Yet, Australians know that some nights can get very chilly. An enclosed space could be of immense help here and would ensure that you get to use your backyard throughout the year.

Still, if you are worried about things getting claustrophobic, you could look into glass partitions. It’d also help if you talked with your hired contractor about incorporating matching flooring plans.

So, say you live somewhere alongside the Sunshine Coast. In that case, go for hardwood floors. That way, you bring that beach house deck aesthetic without sacrificing security from temperamental weather.

3. Think about the final setup

Once you’ve decided on the design, start thinking about the final touches. For instance, do you want a string of lights to hang from the ceiling, or would it be better to get built-in sconces? The best way to go about this bit is to factor in the kind of patio you have.

So, if you’ve opted for an enclosed space, sconce lights along with some indoor plants could give the room a more expansive impression. And for those without green thumbs, Zanzibar gems are one of the easiest plants to care for. In fact, they can go for months without water.

It’d also help if you chose some lighter furniture and spread it around. But try and avoid cluttering the area.

Building something that lasts

Now, it’s not necessary to hire contractors to build a patio. However, if you’re after a more professional touch, it helps to do so.

Regardless of the route you wish to take, always account for the tips mentioned above. In short, patios don’t need to be directly connected to your house. In addition, the weather decides whether you need to have an open space or an enclosed one.

And once things are finalised, you could look into setting up the area, depending on how you’ve built it.

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