Advantages Of Legal Separation 

When you are going through a bad marriage, you have two options. You can either get a divorce or a legal separation. Now, everyone is aware of the concept of a divorce, but a legal separation has rather lower popularity. Legal separation allows you to legally break up with your spouse without actually going through the divorce. 

It is important to understand the advantages of legal separation so you can make an informed decision. A divorce lawyer Huntsville can help you understand all your options, help you choose the right one, and avoid mistakes during the process. 

Advantages of legal separation 

  • Legal separation is not as permanent as a divorce. 

Divorce is a very final and permanent decision. Once you are divorced, you cannot go back and resume your marriage with your spouse if you change your mind. However, that is not the case with legal separation. When legally separated from your spouse, you can always get back with them and resume your marriage. This can help determine whether you really want a divorce before filing in court. 

  • Legal separation allows you to separate from your spouse if a divorce is not possible. 

Believe it or not, there are several reasons why people are bound to stay married. For example, certain religious faiths prevent couples from divorcing each other, no matter how unhappy they are. However, no one should stay in a marriage where they are unhappy. Here, legal separation acts as an excellent alternative to a divorce. 

After legally separating from your spouse, you can live your own life without your spouse and without making any compromises. 

  • Legal separation allows you to retain access to health insurance benefits. 

When you get a divorce in Huntsville, you can no longer enjoy the benefits of your spouse’s health insurance. However, that is not the case in legal separation. Since a legal separation does not really end your marriage, your spouse can still keep you on their insurance policy. Therefore, you won’t have to buy expensive insurance policies, and you can continue to receive medical aid. 

  • Legal separation makes divorce easier. 

For most couples who want to separate from each other, divorce is just the beginning of the many hurdles to come. First, they need to file the petition, and then comes the custody battles, alimony, asset, debt division, etc. 

However, with a separation agreement in place, these things become easier. Since you have already sorted how you wish to handle your finances and matters over children, the divorce becomes easier. Of course, for this to happen, both the spouses need to agree with each other. 

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