5 Reasons Why You Should Test Your Website for ADA Compliance

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is probably one of the best laws ever made to protect the rights of people with disabilities. It’s a life-changing law for many people. The best part is that it also covers changes in modern technology. Therefore, business owners should create websites that are ADA compliant. If you run a website, here are some reasons to test it for ADA compliance

  • Increase your potential customer base

Creating an accessible website endears you to more people. You prove that you care about everyone, including those with disabilities. It’s not always about monetary benefits. Considering that there are 1 in 4 Americans with disabilities, creating this website is the right move. Besides, if you consider what’s in it for your business, accessibility can increase your target audience. You encourage more people to visit your website since there are accommodations available for them. 

  • You won’t run the risk of getting sued

Since non-compliance to ADA can place your company in legal jeopardy, you should do something about it. Over 2,000 businesses got sued due to accessibility issues on the website. It doesn’t even include those who received demand letters and settlements without pursuing a legal battle. Settling the problem can help save your business from a PR disaster. However, it can also cost you thousands of dollars in the process. Therefore, choosing to be compliant is the more convenient and cheaper option. 

  • You will have an advantage

Imagine if you go against companies that don’t have ADA-compliant websites. You will have an immediate edge against them. You increase your target market and prove that you have everyone’s best interest in mind. Your compliance can also boost the company’s reputation. It shows how much you care about everyone. More people are aware of social injustices these days, and your efforts to reduce these problems can benefit your company.

  • It demonstrates social responsibility

Being a socially responsible company can be a part of the brand. Frame each campaign in a way that you show how you practice inclusiveness. From the web design to employee accommodations, you will win more people over. They will praise your practices since you include those who might get left behind. Sure, you have to pay people to provide web improvement services. You might not even get anything in return. Despite that, if you keep doing what’s right, it will make your company even more appealing. 

  • It boosts your SEO ranking 

Google also cares about people with disabilities. Hence, it promotes websites that follow the ADA rules. If you wish to rank higher in search engines, you must consider these changes now. Among the critical ways to comply with the rules is using proper headings, including subtitles, appropriate tags and images, photo descriptions, site map availability, and many others. These changes will get noticed by Google’s algorithms and help you move higher. If your website competes with non-compliant businesses, you have the upper hand. 

Consult with ADA Compliance experts

Determining how to move forward might be challenging if you don’t even understand what ADA compliance means. On the other hand, if your website isn’t as organized as it should be, ADA compliance might be the least of your concerns. Hence, it makes sense if you decide to ask for help from experts. These people understand the law and will find a way to make your website more inclusive. 

If you decide to outsource the service, ask the firm first if their staff understands the rules related to ADA compliance. Sign up for this partnership if you feel satisfied with the response. Otherwise, you might have to look for another agency. You can’t settle for an option that can help boost your online presence but not consider inclusive practices. 

It also helps if you check websites that are popular for practicing inclusiveness. Compare what you have and see where else you can improve. Remember that disabilities come in many forms. Apart from vision and hearing problems, some people also have mobility issues. You might have to create a website that people can access using keyboards since they couldn’t control the mouse. You may even have different versions of your website to accommodate more people. 

Don’t forget to make the page responsive. Whether a visitor opens it on a laptop or mobile phone, there won’t be a problem. Some people with disabilities can only access the Internet through their mobile phones due to the embedded advanced technology. If it’s not responsive enough, they might not access it.

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